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We Design Technical Layer Core

We’re committed to creating eco-friendly outdoor apparel. By combining natural and high-tech fabrics, we ensure products that are lightweight, durable, waterproof, breathable, windproof, sun-protective, and comfortable while minimizing our environmental impact.

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We select the best natural and high-tech fabrics to ensure comfort and durability. We not only offer elegant designs but also prioritize environmentally friendly materials and skin-friendly textures.

From Japan with Love

Hikesity sources our fabric from Toyobo, a Japanese comprehensive chemical textile company founded in 1882 and headquartered in Osaka. You may wonder why a Chinese born company would opt for a Japanese Manufacturer… the short answer is, because of our extremely high standards, and because we’re dead set on integrity, we couldn’t not use Toyono fabric. It’s the best out there!

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Protect Yourself

Our sun protective apparel provides 50+ UVB protection for every adventure.

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Fuel Yourself

Our no screw water bottles keep warm for 18 hours and cool for 36 hours

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UV Protection Jacket

"The texture is silky and cool, the fabric is cool, and the sea salt yellow color is very good. With it in the summer, you will no longer be afraid of getting tanned. It protects the skin from sunlight in all aspects. It is a must-have in summer. The ultimate sunscreen weapon."

- flower** flower

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No Screw Water Bottle

"The quality is good, and it feels cool when worn. After trying it, the sun protection effect is still very good. The back of the hat is also designed to expose the ponytail, and there is a heat dissipation mesh layer on the back. I think it is very suitable for traveling and riding, and you can wash it!"

- H**E Luck

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Infrared Reflection Thermal Tank Tops

"I received the actual product and felt relieved when I touched the fabric. It is comfortable and elastic when I try it on. I am not afraid of the cold when wearing it in winter. I also want to buy it in black. I feel that the shoulders look particularly good."

- LOVE**0

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